The website allows users to create QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones and other devices. When scanned, these codes allow the user to access a variety of information. Using the above website, you can create these codes with links to websites, a map location, a Facebook page, digital business cards, and even allows you to create QR codes with image backgrounds. Below are several examples of QR codes that you can use apps such as “Scan” to view.

This first code should take you to a Facebook page of a fund raising group, Team Martina, that will give you more information about it.


This code links to a website, which happens to be this blog. This code is unique as it contains an image.

e.  wordpress

The next code takes you directly to a video, which is the introduction video that was created earlier in this course.

qrcode.28729782 (2)

The below code goes to a Dropbox file that contains the iMovie trailer created in this course.


This last code goes to an Instagram profile for Anderson University Athletics. Visual_QR_DO_NOT_RESIZE_BELOW_25mm