Almost everywhere across the nation, prospective teachers have to pass at least one standardized test to get a teaching license. There is much debate over the use of these tests and their ability to document accurately the skills and talents one has a teacher. Many argue that classroom-based performance assessments are better measures of ones skills and talents as a teacher.
Although I do not think that the standardized tests encompass all aspects of what is a good teacher, I think that there is value in them. In order to be an effective teacher, it is necessary to know many concepts relating to how to teach certain things and how to plan a lesson. These standardized tests make sure that the teacher “knows what she is talking about” and knows how to teacher her students correctly. Without these tests, I think that there would be a lot of teachers who could “put on a good show”, but have little knowledge to back up what they are saying or understanding how to teach something most effectively. IN this way, passing a test can show, in a limited way, your skills and talent as a teacher.
However, being a teacher requires more than just “book smarts.” This is where classroom-based performance assessments better measure skills and talents as a teacher. In this, prospective teachers must put their knowledge to work. These assessments can measure how well a teacher has a classroom under control, how they interact with students, and how well they communicate information to their classroom. This is the most important part, because if they can’t communicate what they are trying to teach, they are not doing their job as a teacher, no matter how much knowledge they have in their head.

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