From an extremely early age, even as early as six months old, children use multiple media sources of media and many technologies. Studies are ongoing as show large psychological and sociological impacts on students. These things are extremely important to remember when teaching in a classroom filled with children who have grown up in this environment. As a teacher, you need to organize instructional strategies to capture and maintain the attention of students in your class.
Teachers must also decide how often they will use media technologies in each class. I think that since these technologies are becoming more and more important in the professional world, and daily life, I think they should be used at least once each week in each subject area. For example, on Monday, we could use media to explain a science concept, and on Tuesday, a math concept. I also think they should be used multiple times a day if possible. However, the traditional methods do not need to be forgotten, so these technologies should be balanced with traditional skills such as handwriting and brainstorming on paper. If students are having trouble understanding something using technology, I will decide to use it less on this subject and go back to traditional methods. If students are having trouble using traditional methods, I will explain it in a new way using these media technologies.
Another important factor is deciding what technologies are best to use to promote education and engagement. This is important because we do not want these technologies to be purely entertainment, without educational value. I think this is something that has to be done by preparation and experimentation. Using things like online teacher communities, I can find many ratings and reviews of these technologies. I can then also discuss them with the other teachers at my school and then spend time in preparation for class by using them myself and putting myself in the position of the students I will be teaching. Here are some links that list, with a short description, many different technologies you can try and examine: