How I Will Go About Teaching Creativity
Creativity is very important to me, so I will try to do my best to help my students be more creative. I will do this by having centers in my elementary classroom that are designed around letting students be creative. There could be centers/stations that include creative elements like an art center and drama station. This lets them get out of their desk and think creatively. I could also do this by collaborating with other teachers such as related arts teacher to let students do creative things that they already do in these classes and connect it with the content I am teaching. This way students will understand the concept better and will be able to apply it creatively.
Technology Promoting Creativity
Technology can help students plan or design what they are going to do creatively. They can make models and blueprints with computer software. Technology also gives students more creative options. With technology software, students could do things like design an invention that involves tools and equipment that they do not have access to in real life. These are things that can be done in various ways in every grade level.

Here is a link to a great webpage discussing ways to promote creativity with technology: