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Elementary: War Pretzels: http://mrnussbaum.com/warpretzels-play : Understanding/Edutain : This game focuses on understanding the skill of addition. The student is given a one digit addition problem and they have to choose between several choices what the answer to the question is. If they choose the correct answer, then their “pretzel” icon on the screen will earn a point against the computer competitor. Although this game is pretty entertaining, it is still pretty shallow as it only works on the skill of one digit addition and does no applying or other higher order thinking.

Middle: Chevron’s Energyville: http://www.energyville.com/energyville/ : Creating/Educate : This is a game that enables students to power a virtual city that they create efficiently. It requires students to make decisions about how to power their city and let the see the consequences of their choices. There is a lot of pieces of information that is given based on how the student creates power for their city.

High School: Tyrannosaurus Prep: http://sat.tyrannosaurusprep.com/ : Remember/Educate: This game is basically an online quiz that helps students remember the definition/synonyms of words that may appear on the SAT or similar standardized test. Students are given three choices, it is not entertaining, but it does help students remember definitions by practicing them.