Like cloud services, social bookmarking is a relatively new convenient, easy to use internet service. According to, social bookmarking is “the practice of saving bookmarked Web pages to a public website as a way to share the links with other Internet users. One such program is This service helps you bookmark links, pages, notes, and pictures for easy future access. Once saved, your information is easily organized and simple to find on any device. Another advantage is improved collaboration for groups. There are also tools on Diigo, such as highlights and sticky notes to use to provide feedback and get attention. With a different style, but similar concept is which is set up like a pinboard using image collections that allow other users to “re-pin” others posts so they can access them later. Another is that helps you find new and interesting things online. You tell the service what you like and it introduces you to web pages, videos, and more. Lastly is Reddit, which is very unique in its setup. It has less visuals and is more textual. Users can submit links, vote up or down on content, comment on links, have “friends” . Based on number of votes, stories are organized on the page. This link: can help you better understand how this site works.