Many of us have used flash drives for several years. They are easy, just insert into any computer, and have access to our files. However, in the past few years, an even better storage solution has been on the rise, cloud based storage. According to, cloud storage is a “backup and storage service on the Internet.” They are very practical as they provide access to files on any device without having to carry a flash drive or CD around with you. This is also helpful if your computer crashes, as you can have your files in a safe location as a backup. This is also helpful in that it can save space on your computer as these files are not stored on the hard drive. There are many different cloud services that are free to use. Two of the most popular cloud services are Google Drive which can be accessed through with your Google account. This service is convenient as it is organized and can be connected with other services you may use from Google like YouTube, Google Play, and Gmail. Through Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you can even create new documents without having Microsoft Office on your computer. Another similar programs is Microsoft Live, , which also allows you to not only store, but create documents. The plus side of this is that the format is Microsoft, so it is very easy and familiar if you are used to using programs like Word and PowerPoint. Although, they do not allow you to create new documents online, and also provide great cloud storage. They give you a certain amount of storage for free, but more storage can be purchased or earned in different ways.