I use several apps to support my learning as a college students in a teacher education program. The two primary apps I use are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. These are extremely important as most of my written assignments have to be word processed. PowerPoint is my go to app when creating presentations for various classes. Another important app to my success as a college students is the reminders app that comes on the iPad. This app allows me to keep up with assignment due dates and keep up with all of my classes at once. I fairly new app to me that supports my learning is the Pearson eText app. Since many of my classes have eBooks, this app helps me easily get to and navigate these textbooks.

Apps have definitely changed how I function as a student and consumer. As a student, I no longer rely only on my paper planner. I have access to what is due and when with an app. I no longer carry around a book for each class, I simply press an app to view the book. Search engine apps have made it easier to research information without having to have a large, heavy laptop. Apps have also greatly changed my function as a consumer. I no longer only shop in stores. Amazon and Pinterest apps help me find and purchase items that may not be in stores near me. I can simply search what I am looking for and these apps bring it up, or I can discover many new products that I have never seen before.

I think smartphones and tablet computer apps are tools for both teachers and direct instructional devices for students. If technology helps teachers in their work, shouldn’t it also help his or her students in their work? I do not believe a teacher should use technology without letting her students use technology. Apps are great for teachers to organize and have easy access to information. They also can provide teachers with better ways to instruct their students. Apps are also very valuable to student learning. Through apps, they have access to many different ways to learn information. There are apps such as BrainPop that allow students to learn information through fun, interactive videos. There are also game apps that allow students to practice information, such as interactive multiplication games. These are all ways that I could use apps in teaching.