The results of this survey are not really surprising to me, but I realize that technology is an even bigger part of my life than I even expect. If I was to tell you what technology I use most, I would say that I make presentations and a word processor regularly for school, and use several social networks daily such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, I have even more knowledge about social technology than I really realize. I use text message, email, check the weather, news and every other thing not only daily, but almost regularly.  I have a great strength in using technology to communicate with the world around me and learn what is going on all over the road.

Although I am very good at using technology in a social aspect, I am not as good as using it creatively in my education. The only things I really use are google searches, Word, and PowerPoint. There is so much more I could do with it. I could use an online study group with my peers or use more online resources to understand and practice content more deeply. I am not too good at learning new technologies to give presentations. I have played with Prezi some, but am nowhere near proficient.

Those are things I think I could really improve on in this course. I would like to learn how I could create presentations in the classroom that are more engaging and interactive than PowerPoints. I would also like to learn how to use technology to better explain and organize information. I am also nervous about using new and unique software and apps, but in this course I want to become more comfortable and confident using new software and apps. I think this course would greatly help me be a better teacher to this generation of children.